Building Virtual Worlds
in Unity3D + Kinect / Oculus / Sony PS Move Controller / Jam'O'Drum / Makey Makey

Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is a CMU course, which challenges students in small teams to create 5 games, each in 1 to 3 weeks.
Games are made with different platforms, such as Oculus, Microsoft Kinect, Sony Playstation Move Controller, Makey Makey, Jam'O'Drum, and so on.
In all the 5 rounds, I worked as the gameplay and tool programmer with different teammates who are artists, sound designers.

#1 The Tale of Mismatched Max
Platform: Microsoft Kinect
Duration: 2 weeks

#2 Toilet King
Platform: Makey Makey
Duration: 3 weeks

#3 Pong Pong Frog
Platform: Jam'O'Drum
Duration: 1 week

#4 Maestro
Platform: Oculus Rift, Sony PS Move
Duration: 2 weeks